These articles have been written for those in the business world, but the tips and advice Peter shares in them are easily applied to everyday life and leadership.

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Making a Difference

Theres no reason to be the richest man in the cemetery. You cant do any business from there. Colonel Harlan Sanders (KFC Founder) 

It is important to look at business from more than just a day-to-day perspective. We work hard to keep things going forward, to realise the dream of success but sometimes miss the point along the way.

Mindsets- Part 1

In life and in business people will tell you what you can and can't do. It seems there are those with limited mindsets all around us and we can easily fall into the trap of going with the flow. These people are revealing their own limited thinking, or they may be operating from their own comfort zone. Their small mindsets haven't been stretched or enlarged. So when you decide to do something different or risky, like launch a product, add another retail store, change a service, or establish a larger vision, you'll find at least ten percent of people will either oppose you or disagree with you.

Mindsets- Part 2

Last article we looked at several different mindsets that effect life and business - people who tell you what you can and can't do. These people can get into your spirit and limit your thinking so you don't stretch or enlarge in life. So doing something different or risky becomes a minefield of negativity. When you do things like changing a service, marketing differently, improving customer service, or establishing a larger vision, many people will react negatively to the change.

Contagious Vision

We're OK.......we have a vision!?! 
(Somewhere on the bulletin board, or maybe in the company's business plan). 
In fact we even have long term and short term plans with action points! 

You think you're OK? Or could you do better? 

Stop and Change When Necessary

One of my favourite sayings is: If the horse is dead, dismount. There are people in business and life everywhere who find it hard to recognise when the horse is dead! The current economic market either stalls companies or they make changes. This is a great time to market differently or stand out in a different way.

Be A People Builder

There are times when I have said to franchisees Life would be terrific without customers and staff! - But unfortunately we need both. NO ONE REACHES THEIR HIGHEST POTENTIAL BY THEMSELVES. We need to be people builders to build people up, not put them down - with good relationships our lives and businesses are happier with greater impact and better productivity.