Kingdom Momentum Ltd
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"To support leaders and organisations in transforming communities, and expanding God's kingdom in Australia and around the world."

Who we are:

Kingdom Momentum Ltd is made up of a group of like minded people, devoted to advancing the Christian faith in every hemisphere of life.


“Our passion is to see people come alive to their full purpose and potential in life, see them lift to a new level and establish a purpose beyond themselves that motivates and stretches them.”

Peter Irvine, CEO


What we do:

Kingdom Momentum Ltd has been established to advance the Christian faith, advance education and advance social and public welfare by:

  • providing assistance and funding for the furtherance of the “Kingdom of God” to missionaries, religious ministries and churches and para-church organisations around the world.

  • giving assistance to leaders, churches and para-church organisations in Australia and around the world on issues of growth and direction, including the raising up of ministries and ministers of religion that enhances and spreads or propagates the Christian faith.

  • releasing leadership and workers for evaluating, equipping, liberating and building up the body of Christ through:

    • teaching and speaking to leadership, church members and others on how to grow and have greater impact by linking faith to life;

    • using diagnostic tools, resource materials and innovative instructional methods to facilitate change for the fostering of growth and development within the leadership at the corporate and individual levels; and

    • coaching and mentoring individuals, regarding their divine calling and spiritual gifting.

  • undertaking educational activities such as providing training in leadership, values and principles and discipleships.

  • assist and conducting social welfare and relief work including the relief of poverty, sickness, suffering and misfortune by helping the poor, needy, homeless, people with disability and the underprivileged.

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Kingdom Momentum Ltd is registered by the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission.

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